Emergency Keyring Alarm


How to use:

To use a ProtectMe® Emergency Alarm, simply pull the finger loop to activate the alarm and flashing light. When the alarm is activated, it will emit a loud 125db noise and the built-in LED light will also begin to flash. This will immediately deter attackers and alert others around you that you are in a compromised situation and feel unsafe.

Where to place it:

ProtectMe®Emergency Alarms can be conveniently attached to your personal belongings such as keys, bag, belt loop or water bottle using the clip provided. Whether you are going for a walk, jogging, running, taking the dog for a walk, worried about your teenager walking home, working on a farm in fields or using machinery etc, a ProtectMe® Emergency Alarm will help you feel safer when you are out and about.

How to test it:

Practice using your alarm so you are always prepared to use it. For testing purposes only, cover the speaker at the back with your thumb (as it is pretty loud! )  – but should you ever need to use it in a real emergency, ensure this speaker is exposed to give the full effect of the alarm.

Replacing the battery:

Open your ProtectMe® Emergency Alarm at the side seam and remove internal screws. Replace using 2 x CR2032 button batteries. Replace the 2 screws and clip them back together. With each set of batteries, the alarm is expected to last approximately 40 minutes.

How we give back:

ProtectMe® Emergency Alarms have been added to our list of accessories simply to help keep us safe. The statistics on crime against women is staggering. We will donate a percentage of profits made from all sales of this product to Women’s Aid, Ireland.

Please note, ProtectMe® Emergency Keyring Alarms are only intended for use in an Emergency and should be kept away from children at all times.

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