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Our Autism Awareness iron-on patches have arrived!  Iron this patch on to the upper arm / chest area of a coat or on a school bag etc. The white part is ironed on to the inside area of the coat ( behind the pocket) where your emergency contact numbers are added.

This is the solution to having your emergency contact details available (but not on full display) and creating autism awareness at the same time. Best thing about these patches? …peace of mind….do not cause irritation like neck line labels….won’t be left behind like a wrist band….cannot be removed by the child….no sharp pins like on a badge…

We spoke to so many parents of children with autism to come up with a product that was simple, effective and reliable.

Size: Circular Patch 6cm diameter.
Square : 7x7cm


Includes: 1 x black patch  and 1 x white patch for inside the coat

*to iron this circular patch on to a puffy coat… apply heat, then apply pressure (using something like the end of a glass) then apply heat again until the product sticks. This is to avoid applying too much heat at once to delicate fabrics. After 2 – 3 heat applications, the product will be stuck in its final position and should not be removed.

The white iron on square should be ironed on to the inside of the coat (at the back of the pocket area) This will attach quickly after one or 2 times of applying heat. Fill out your emergency contact information using a ball point pen.

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